Welcome! to Helping Hands to Vulnerable Children by Skills Project Uganda, An environment where children get free  opportunity to thrive well, excercise and exploite their God given potential. We provide care to both girls and boys between 5 - 13 years.

kids ejoying their meals as to help them to learn in class well and growing healthy

Malnutrition in Children often causes setbacks that can persist throughout their lifetimes. Regularly, we offer three nutritious meals to 221 kids on a daily basis. Helping Children to grow well and have better learning with settled minds and promote greater health to avoid stanted growth in kids. They feel at home here at helping hands to vulnerable children by skills project Uganda since they are provided with accomodation, clothes, school supplies among others in support of their education. We pay rent for an apartment to accomodate the 221 needy children, pay bills like water, electricity and others for every month for them to thrive on well. These sometimes are over due, because of our meager resources to facilitate evrything needed in time. 

Poverty is a huge problem that can be overwhelming. Poor children get much affected through out their entire life. Both girls and boys living in poverty are in need to change and transform thier lives possitively. Children lack school supplies and they take days without food.

Our call to action is you to get involved and spread awareness by sharing info with your friends.

Empowering children is the way to improve on the health, education and have a future quality population

Provide school supplies to enable children to learn and thrive well

Children at helping Hands to Vulnerable Children by Skills Project Uganda writing down in thier books what their teach decrimbed for them

Join the movement to end child poverty by providing school supplies at Helping Hands to vulnerable children by Skills project Uganda. Help needy children escape poverty and create a ripple effect that lasts for generations.


Your monthly gift will ensure that kids have access to life-changing benefits like feeding, medical care, educational support, life skills and acommodation.


Provision of Child Education here at  our school is lacking good incentives in learning access for the kids and teachers to make it  easy and durable for sucess in kids.


Children with one of our staff collecting water from the pond, a distance from the school centre

Imagine children Without Water? We Can’t. Take Urgent Action Now to Ask friends and Leaders to Prioritise Investment.


Water has become a problem to get for the kids here at charity since we have walk 1km to reach the water source in a pond after it was cut off at our centre after bills had accumulated. This water is not safe for drink and bathing which may cause water born diseases to the kids.


Helping Hands 2 Vulnerable Children By Skills Project Uganda  grants the wishes of children with life-threatening circumustances like medical, education, empowerment and employment conditions to enerich the human experience with hope, strength and joy.

Celebrate with Nabandha, Caroline and wish them happy birthday

Nabandha and Caroline with their birthday celebration cake plus soda

Children in homeless shelters across the country often go without a birthday celebration or even a birthday gift. Here at Helping Hands to Vulnerable Children by Skills Project Uganda, we celebrate birthdays for every homeless child sheltered through our charity. Each child should feel something that lets them know how important they are, how much they matter, that there is light and that there are people out there cheering for them. There are 221 homeless children at Helping hands to Vulnerable children by skills project Uganda. Most of these kids  don't know what its like to have a birthday that celebrates them. These extra birthdays, make it a hope for the homelss children, to let them know that its part of their life transformation and also to make them forget the stress of fear to conquer the world. By creating a personalised birthday that make them feel valued in the sociaty, Nationally and inspire moments of delight in their lives. Collect toys and other supplies for kids 5-17 years, we accept both old and new toys and supplies for kids.


To inspire breakthroughs in the way the world treats children and to achieve immediate and lasting change in their lives.