• Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to getting and staying healthy. So our health programs to kids focus on two important things: 1) developing healthy habits and 2)connecting kids with services when they need help or when sick.

    HOW THIS WORKS AND WHY? How and What?

    Why focus on health?
    Health and poverty are strongly linked. That's because health issues are often the factor plunging kids into poverty, Plus the conditions many kids face them predisposed to health issues. By investing in health, you're helping kids build a future for themselves and this will avoid much expences in their health and funds be of help in planing for their future.

  • Education doesn't have a one-size-fits-all solution. Your support is invested in helping kids complete Eduaction in school using a wide range of tools to make it happen: providing school feeding, supplies, tutoring and paying bills.

    HOW THIS WORKS AND WHY? How and What?

    Why education?
    Going to school of orphans — and not dropping out — is absolutely essential to building a future free from poverty.

    By helping orphaned kids finish school, they are in a much better position to take advantage of opportunity and find employment in the future.

    Give more Helping Hands to Vulnerable Children by skills Project Uganda kids the education and skills to change their lives for good!

  • How we deliver health programs related to nutrition and Education
    at Helping Hands to Vulnerables Children by Skills Project Uganda, we focus on malnutrition treatment in kids. 11% of kids are considered moderately to severely undernourished. And We make sure we provide qualityful eduaction and skills to kids.

Child Empowerment

Children receiving school supplies as one of the way of empowering them in their education

Through empowerment programs that build leadership, teamwork and confidence, you're not only making a brighter future possible, but you're also creating a positive ripple effect on kids' life


Why empowerment? 

Imagine how hard it would be to motivate yourself to make a change if you were faced with seemingly impossible circumstances durind your childhood. In many places of the community around, it’s easy to see why kids might succumb to hopelessness, feeling like their choices can’t make a difference.


To become set on a course out of poverty, kids first have to believe that escaping it is possible and that they have power over their future, and this is by our support including you for empowerment and encouragement to them.