Be part of this project

With your help, we can build this wooden facility into permanent structures where children can ejoy and thrive well

Building this school in Jinja, one uniquely suited for young needy kids, this project gives hundreds of kids room to grow and thrive well to fulfill their God given potential. 

Helping Hands to Vulnerable Children by skills Project Uganda supports kids who are orphans and are living in poverty. We’re currently serving kids in this community of Busoga, Teso and Karramojja. We are established inside residential place to accomoadte all the children, the interiors of the community, we have outgrown their useful lives. 

By helping us build and develop this school into a resouceful school center for poor 221 needy kids, we can provide more children and teens with a safe, encouraging and age-appropriate environment for their better life.  

Walk into our school, and you will see  how kids spend their life learning, reading, playing and receiving life- changing help. For many kids, our school offer a place of diginity and hope for the kids. And you can make a long term impact on their lives by helping build this school centre in this much - needed support.


A wooden school build children

Finished wooden wall of the classes

Timbers for making the wall of the classes

A compound for children play needs modication and play materials for children to ejoy

roofing the classes for children