More ways you can help right now

Start a fundraiser on Facebook

Start a fundraiser on Face book or any Other site

Donate your birthday or start any other kind of fundraiser on Facebook. Your personal fundraiser will have a domino effect of doing good — you'll introduce your friends to Helping Hands to Vulnerable Children by skills Project Uganda while raising much-needed funds for the programs that help kids become healthy, educated, empowered and, ultimately, employed in future. 

Add A frame to your Facebook

Share your story with friends about Helping Hands to Vulnerable Children by Skills <Project Uganda School for the poor kids

Shout your support from the rooftops! Or, at least on your social media channels. Here are 2 options:

1. Add a frame  to your profile picture.

It's a cinch. Just go to your Facebook profile and click "update profile picture," then choose one of our framed photos or logos.

 2. Tweet it out 

It takes 1 person to change another's life. Today, double your impact for kids in poverty.

Give in honor of a loved one

Children at their hut where they dwell trying to discus questions and answers in different subjects


This giving season, change the present by providing a gift that is profound and enduring. In honor or in loving memory, a donation that helps children is one that echoes into the future.


When you leave a gift for Helping Hands to Vulnerable Children by skills Project Uganda in your will, trust or other account, it’s so much more than a gift. It’s you showing your compassion for children in need, breaking the cycle of poverty to change our world and creating your legacy of love for children that will last for years to come.