For Our service Volunteers

Our service volunteers find grate and happy times to interact with children all the time

If you are seeking a meaningful volunteer experience in one of the most diverse and fauna-rich countries in Africa, you have found the right place to be. Volunteers have the opportunity to explore the highest concentration of primates on earth, the mesmerizing natural panoramas and a rich mosaic of cultures and tribes, while making a real difference to the lives of those in need. E.g kids plus the community. Uganda was once described by Sir Winston Churchill as “The Pearl of Africa”. It’s easy to see why. Imagine the best of Africa condensed in just one country. Filled with the most fascinating wildlife, vast national parks, majestic rivers and lakes, and picturesque panoramas, Uganda has heaps to offer from the continent, packed into one small but gorgeous destination. It is home to one of the most diverse ranges of African wildlife and the highest concentration of primates on earth, including the highly-endangered mountain gorilla. Uganda is also home to the highest mountain range in Africa, the Mountains of the Moon in the Rwenzori National Park and the source of the legendary Nile. Despite its beauty and the increased tourist flow, Uganda is still a poor country and lives of the ordinary people are hard. Volunteers will have a chance to help at the project , with there skills. teaching , painting, building e.t.c


We have very friendly stuffs and kids, who will welcome you like a princess. And volunteers must expect to try some of the local meals of Uganda.